Akuafoil gives you a wide range of CMYK colors with a sparkling foil finish and an ideal reflection.
What is the difference between Akuafoil Foil and Foil Stamping, you may ask?

Akuafoil uses a base coat of silver ink on a selected area, then the regular ink is applied on top of top of the silver ink. The result creates a glimmering metallic effect on your printed pieces.
Foil stamping, printing requires the creation of a copper plate. The plate is then applied to the paper with a colored foil paper then stamped onto the printed piece. The result is beautiful and professional printing with silver foil accents. Due to the labor and materials involved, foil stamping is costlier then Akuafoil.

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Sub Total : $ 150.00
Estimated Total : $ 150.00


3.5X1.5500$ 150.00
1000$ 175.00
2500$ 250.00
5000$ 300.00
3.5X1.75500$ 150.00
1000$ 175.00
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